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When I first embarked on my journey with Young Living, I was on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Kirpal Meditation Center to obtain my Yoga Teacher Training.

I brought my new oils all the way to the Big Island. I used eucalyptus at the beginning of every flow to get my respiratory tract flowing with good sweet oxygen. I would also use Citrus Fresh to brighten my day and help me stay focused on my studies off the mat. Then I would use lavender on relaxing sequences before savasana as I would apply some behind my ears before bed.

 Fun Fact:

Studies have shown, when lavender is inhaled it has calmed the brain waves to a relaxing state called Theta.

It also helps lower your heart rate to relax you. Hence why it is perfect for relaxation!

For Yoga Instructors and Meditation Teachers

You do not have to be a yoga instructor or even a builder to use the oils in your own personal practice, however if you are sharing and would love to reach new clients, there are amazing ways to empower others to choose plants over toxins. You can simply share some oil samples with your favorite Yoga teachers or bodyworkers and share how our diffusers will amplify the atmosphere.

Our diffusers are medical grade and super powerful. Any gym or studio would benefit from having a relaxing or stimulating oil to create the perfect ambiance. The possibilities are endless.

Deepen Your Connection to your Clients 

If you are already connected to the wellness industry, sharing YL as a yoga teacher or massage therapist will deepen your connection to your clients and students. All you have to do is ask questions. 

Find out what their wellness goals are. Ask about their lives, show that you care for them beyond the mat. Listening with intention will create a meaningful connection to your clients/students.

It is also a blessing to be able to surprise your client with an oily present!!!

Practicing Yoga with Essential Oils

Use your YL Membership to its highest advantage 

When you spend 100pv, you become a member!! Being a member unlocks your 24% off discount for all future purchases. Trust me this is worth it!

To become a distributor/Brand Partner all you have to do is get your Business Essentials Kit so that you can have your own Brand Partner link to start receiving commisions for your new oily members. 

Click here to learn how to shorten your YL Link to share on Instagram or other Social Media Feeds

Click here to see how to share your link to international members.


Business Essentials Kit with Young Living

Simply being a member has its amazing perks as you get 24% off discounts on the whole site.

With every purchase you support our farmers, scientists, packing department, transportation crew and wellness reps who introduced you to the family. So thank you!!

Essential Rewards is life changing!!

This is an optional monthly autoship, however being on Essential Rewards will start earning rewards to you can buy free products, get free gifts and earn commissions as you enroll others to get a starter kit of their choice.

Loyalty Rewards supports the natural plant based choices you will continue to make as a wellness practitioner or boss of your own home. 


If you plan on sharing and making a nice sustainable residual income, get on Loyalty Rewards so you may start to experience the bread and butter of your business!! 

There are so many perks to having a wellness box delivered to your door each month😎🌺

If you are just starting with the intention to Ditch & Switch to plant based goods and perhaps you are curious about the business, Loyalty Rewards is 50pv a month.

Pick a date you want your autoship and choose items that equal to 50pv. Since you are just starting off it is great to start Ditching and Switching to toxic free household products like Thieves dish soap, Thieves detergent, Kidscents, Animalscents and even our superfood Ninxgia Juice.  

To earn back your 50pv ($50) it is always fun to incentivise yourself to enroll a new member!!.

Young Living has an app where you can see your downline and estimate what earnings you will receive that month. 

Set Goals, Believe you can Achieve

A beginners basic goal would be to get your Loyalty Rewards paid for each month by enrolling those who want to experience the magic of our plant based goodies with you.

As you start to build a downline, your members will start seeing the benfits of Loyalty Rewards and as they love their items they may start sharing with you. 


You can change the world in a positive way. Some of my favorite reasons that turned me onto this lifestyle & work are:

  • The ever growing demand for pure plant based products
  • Working alongside people you know and trust
  • Building a community you believe in
  • People want to support companies that are transparent (SEED to SEAL Promise)
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of residual income
  • No cap to salary
  • Portability
  • You will leave a legacy as your residual income will be gifted to your family


This structure of Direct Sales allows you to share passionately with others without having to pay for education or a specific degree. All the resources are free!!

You can get help from your upline (like Myself if you sign up Elemental Serenity), on YL website and the mulitud of resources below!! 

Here is a photo their Income Disclosure to get an idea of what an average monthly income looks like according to rank. 

Use your Loyalty Rewards to your advantage.

Meditation Teacher Example

  • Any Medical Grade Diffuser
  • Eucalyptus, Jade Lemon, Elemi
  • Lavender for relaxation
  • Valor Roll on
  • Breathe Again Roll on
  • Peace and Calming Roll on

Massage Therapist Example

  • Cool Azul body lotion
  • CBD muscle rub
  • Panaway, Stress Away
  • Raindrop Technique Collection
  • Raven, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Lavender
  • Deep Relief Roll On
  • Massage Oils (Carrier oil collection)-Ortho Sport, Ortho Ease, Sensation, Dragon Time, Cel-Lite, Relaxtion
  • Any of our Medical Grade Diffusers

All these can be used in the classroom or in your clinical office so save your reciepts to write them off as business expenses. If you use the oils on your clients, host giveaways or simply gift samples to prospects, it is all part of your business!

Use your Rewards Points to Treat Yourself!!

You will see those rewards start to rack up. You can use your rewards under “Shop.”

On top of being able to use your ER order to make business purchases, you will be receiving Rewards back on your orders.

As those REWARDS rack up you can then use those rewards to treat yourself to shampoo, supplements, Savvy Minerals Make Up, or anything you fancy. 

This photo shows my Rewards racked up to 88.22 which essentially means $88.22 to spend on the site. 

You may use your Rewards on items that have this Purple Flag. This shows you can use 36.50 PV of your Rewards to purchase. 

If you want to use your Rewards just make sure this little Purple Flag is there!

Bless and Invest!!

Investing in your new members will make them feel loved and cared for. You are the reason they chose Young Living. You are the reason they will continue to support you, your upline and all the workers on Young Living farms. 

It is all about the energy. People want to feel cared for, heard, and understood. If you heard one of your clients talk about how their baby has trouble sleeping, you can add Seedling Lavender Linen Spray to your order and bless this family with something they can all enjoy

If you know a friend who expressed an interest in natural cosmetics, I would add Savvy Mineral Mattifying Primer or a lipstick in the shade you think they would enjoy to your order and surprise them with a gift and a Savvy Minerals Brochure. 

The more you educate your prospects and members alike the more they will be empowered to order on their own and or share with people they love and trust.

It never feels like a job when you are blessing those around you

It becomes so natural. It never feels like a job when you are truly putting loving energy and effort into the things that matter most to your heart.

You are in this industry because you believe this planet deserves a break from the toxic damage.

You are in this industry because you want to help people and share in this world’s abundance.


New Member Resources!!

Here is a guide for you as a new distributor to share with ease. Remember there is no need to reivent the wheel!! Use these resources to help you understand YL. These resources are YL approved so you may use compliant language with your members.

Starter Kit Resources

When you welcome a new member to your YL family, you will want to send them some basic information about their kit. You can send recipes books, gift them the Pocket Reference App or Send a Starter kit Unboxing Post Card.

The beauty of this, is you can decide what you think would benefit your new member the most. I customize each Starter Kit Pack with different sources.

Life Science Publishing

I always gift new members the Pocket Reference Guide App to introduce them into the Young Living Community. A lot of love has been put into these references as Gary Young & other scientists share their knowledge of plants. 

An amazing perk about gifting this App is that your new member will have so much information at their fingertips from our farms, to information about each blend and how to use and dilute. 

Here is an example of the app. If your member wants to know about our Jasmine Oil they can click, Single Oils then type Jasmine.

In this case our Jasmine is grown in India. You can also see the botanical family, extraction method, historical data, key constituents, fragrant influences, and what other Young Living products contain our Jasmine oil.

 This APP is less than $8 on Life Science Publishing

 All you have to do is type in your new member’s email so that they receive this gift from you to get jump started into YL. 

Life Science Publishing-Pets 101

I also love how many resources they have depending on your audience. If you have a new member who is interested in Animal Care, like a vet or pet owner you can share these lovely resources about our Animal Scents line. Just send these cute little booklets by mail to prospects with your business card or send them to new members who have pets. 

TWhen you share, you have complete creative control how to support your members. Ask questions, find out if they have pets, ask them what are their wellness goals, what are they most eager to learn.

From there you can customize your care packages to their own style, write a handwritten letter to show you care. 

Life Science Publishing-Aroma Home Series

I love the Aroma Home Series, from Aroma Infant to Aroma Family, each book has so much information to empower you and your members to make educated choices about the products on the shelves to make the Simple Swap into the Young Living lifestyle.

These books are inexpensive ways to support your eager new members. I also like to write a handwritten letter and do a post-it note on a specific page that has one of my favorite recipes.

You can find all these booklets and resources above at : https://www.discoverlsp.com

Inspired Sharing

At Inspired Sharing you can get a bundle of “The Essentials,” which comes with 5 booklets to send out to New Members. . This book has everything they need to know about jump starting into YL!

It is like having a mini Essential Oil 101 Class at their fingertips for safety guides and recipes as well.

Legit this is my first resource I send out to a new member. Your new member will be able to see products and the science behind it all!!

For Real a total recommendation to help onboard newbies. 


Business Builder Resources

For your members who wish to Share and Build a YL business with You!

Resources from Young Living’s Virtual Office

As you begin your journey into this wellness community you will find so many amazing resources. I have used Young Living’s website for many lovely facts. In fact I have used YL website to be “COMPLIANT,” don’t reinvent the wheel it is already there for you to roll with!

You can find great tools under your Virtual Office when you log into your YL Account. 

You can click -> Virtual Office -> Member Resources -> Browse below the Quick Link Category for whatever calls to you =)

90 Day Journey to Success

Interested in building a business click -> RISE 90 Day Journey to Success 

Print this out or send to FEDEX print shop (save your receipts for tax write offs, after all this is a business expense!!)

You can also save money on printing and just answer the questions in your own journal.

I recommend this if you are just starting out the business. Your upline will also help guide you along the process but if you want to tune into it yourself you can do this on your own time.


Young Living’s Virtual Office

Under Virtual Office you will find a section called, “Member Resources.”

You will find Sharable media, pay portal, catalogs, FAQ’s, Seed to Seal Microsite, Safety Guides, Strategics goals and so much more.

You can shop for booklets to share with different wellness industries. Search for the series, “Partners in Wellness: Professional Accounts.”

You can purchase these bundles of 10 for under $5. These are great to start the dialogue between you and other wellness advocates that would make great partners in business.  There are so many yoga teachers, massage therapists, reiki healers, teachers, counselors, chiropractors & anyone else who runs their own wellness line. The information is all there is no need to reinvent the wheel!!! 

Add your business card and follow up with potential prospects. Ask to host a class in their establishments if they love essential oils. Help them enroll with a starter kit that suits their business best.

Help them get on Essential Rewards so they can start earning points so they can purchase items for their studios or offices.

Some examples listed below can be purchased, use the #at the end to find specific ones:

  • Animal Care Pamphlet 10pk 25218
  • Beauty & Body Care Pamphlet 10pk 22215
  • Belleza Y Cuidado Personal 10pk 25269
  • Chiropractor Pamphlet 10pk 22216
  • Hospitality Pamphlet 10pk 26004
  • Yoga Studio Pamphlet 10pk 22217

Interested in starting a business?


🌺Step 1: Choose what products or kit resonates with you. Spend 100pv to unlock the most discount for 24% off.    


🌿 Step 2: You have the option to make your starter kit your first Loyalty Rewards order to start earning REWARDS from your first purchase.


🌻Step 3: Plug in your shipping info and create a username


🐝Step 4: Wait for your Magic in the Mail!!!

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