It is 1:15 in the morning and I just had the deepest and most profound healing experience of my life.

Earlier today I had the craziest migraine. I was hoping I could sleep it off but instead I tossed and turned. The pain was so unbearable I wanted to rip my hair out.

Mind you, I haven’t slept in days since I had moon cramps too. Most of the time I get stubborn and think I can handle it or get above it.

Most people say, “it must be an imbalance in your life if you feel so much pain during your cycle.”

Women having restless Sleep

Well I cannot ignore it anymore, there needs to be a DEEP healing on many fronts. I cannot bear this monthly pain anymore!

I was hoping the roommates didn’t hear my pain groans and I knew there wasn’t medicine in the house. I was so desperate that I was ready to take myself to urgent care over a headache.

The healing part I want to share, was born from earlier that day, when I was bedridden watching a TEDTalk about a woman who played music to help heal her daughter.  In a nutshell she had a premature baby the size of a coke can, born 4 months early.  She almost did not make it.  

The mother, who was a musician, brought instruments to the hospital and started to play for her baby.

Woman in monthly moon pain
Those sound healings carried on into her daughter’s life supporting her special needs.  This mother found the remedy to heal her child. As I listened to her story I felt goosebumps, I believed her struggle and felt in my heart that their healing was real.

It was not until I was on my knees asking God for relief. I got quiet and listened to guidance. My intuition, my guides and Source energy all guided me to this particular sound healing.

Healing Vibrations Sound Healing

This particular Sound Healing can be found on Youtube. The channel is called, Healing Vibrations- “432Hz – 3 Hour Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Sound Bath”

I share all this with you because some may be resistant to try new things.  Some will go on living with pain and suffering never knowing that sound frequencies and peaceful vibrations can heal you on a cellular level.

I do not claim to be a scientist or even a doctor. I am my own healer. 

You are your own healer.


This is an invitation to try a Sound Healing wherever you are in the world. You can tune into them via audio online or even better you can tune into them in person in your community.

Below you can find my Insight Timer Channel where I will be loading more beautiful meditations to ease your Soul and connect you to your ability to HEAL YOURSELF.  

Infinite Blessings My Loves💜

Anna “Honeybee” Rose


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I had the pleasure of attending many of Honeybee’s classes and workshops here on the central coast. Each one of them is such a treat and she has so many beautiful gifts to offer to this world. Her sessions offer a space for life to be playful & fun, while you’re on the path of self discovery & transformation. Which is so important i’ve found. She also can hold a space for deep relaxation & healing with her sound healing gifts and powerful singing voice. If you feel the call to receive from honeybee i would highly recommend experiencing her work! 💗

Juliet Lauren


I’ve been to two cacao celebration sound baths with Honeybee now & they were both great events! Honeybee facilitates the space very well opening people up to share if they feel comfortable and offers her wonderful music medicine along the way. Both events I benefited from the personal reflection time & dove deep into a blissful meditation during the sound healing portion. Highly recommend!

Jimmy S.