Get Quiet and Listen Series

You may be asking yourself, why does spiritual growth matter? Well my lovely friends, it matters so much if you desire to feel effortless and aligned here on Earth. 

 You seemed to be pulled here to find out for yourself why igniting your spiritual relationship should be top priority.

Now I know I do not know your story, however I do believe you may have been called to read this if you have been in a loop of negative emotions, toxic situations or you simply feel out of alignment with who you thought you were!

So many factors could be leading you here, which is why I sat my happy butt down on a rainy, much needed California Saturday to reflect on how my relationship to self and Spiritual Growth has aligned me to my missions on this Earth. I hope it inspires you to check in with yourself more often than not.

Let’s Rewind the clock to February 2020 (Pre-Pandemic)!!

There I was, getting ready for work rushing out of the house so I could make it to the opening meeting at Etta downtown.  I spoke into my Iphone’s voice memo to send an audio message to my friend Cory (the message is not as important as the delivery). 

As I went about my day I finally got a message back from him, ignoring my initial audio message he said something like, “You should record meditations, you have a super soothing and relaxing voice.”

I thought to myself, “hmmmm, that’s cool, I never thought about that.” I pondered this for about two seconds as I scarfed down my focaccia dipped in ricotta at work.

Now, take note that his audio message will play a key role later in this story. 

So there I was at work, bringing plates to my tables and finishing up wine service. I went home to shower and Facetime with my new lover man. Then I rinsed and repeated it all over again the next day. 

Sometimes I woke up in complete heaviness as I dreaded going into work to slave away hours. I felt I could be doing so much more for humanity.  And I get it… serving food to hungry people is most certainly a service. However this I knew was not my end all be all. In my heart I knew there was more to life. 

All I knew was that I was meant to do something bigger to feel fulfilled.  

Over the years I have been diving into the teachings of the Law of Attraction, listening to Ester and Abraham channel Divine guidance from the speakers of my headphones. I knew that if I released resistant thoughts that I would be guided to the illuminated path. 

I was stepping into my own personal awareness by simply quieting my constant worried mind.

The awareness of my thoughts did not stop the negative thoughts at first. In fact I became more and more aware of the doubts I held, and the self sabotaging nature of my traumatic pasts. 

I learned through the principles of the Law of Attraction that to release resistant thoughts I would need to focus on something other than the resistant thoughts. 

I needed these teachings, I needed this guidance. I was completely lost for so long, going to college, serving downtown Chicago at a fast paced restaurant. I was just getting by with what I thought I needed to be doing. 

There were glimpses of hope that I would one day be compelled to leave Chicago, but it was a dark and cold path to get there. 

Woman seeking Spirutal Growth

I felt so utterly lost and displaced in my own hometown surrounded by people I loved.  Everything was off, and the only joy I felt was the delicious copious amounts of good food Chicago fed me and playing my little tongue drum.

If you know the Law of Attraction well, you’ll understand the next phrase. 

Well, I launched my “ROCKETS OF DESIRE,” as Abraham speaks about. I desired more, I craved warmth, sunshine, ocean, animals, nature, real hikes over the stairmaster. 

I day dreamed about everything that was not Chicago. I sat with intention to quiet my mind so that I may listen with intent to the signs and synchronicities. 

Fast forward to 2020 as the pandemic hit, I was laid off from my job, I had a lot of time to myself so I meditated often. I felt into my intuition and trusted that I would be guided to something meant for my SOUL. 

During this time, I had been in a long distance relationship with a man I met at Burning Man.  He too had a lot of time so he asked to make a big move to the Central Coast of California to move in with him. 

Taking a leap of faith I fully trusted that this was a sign to surrender and trust. I was excited to try something new, with the support of my partner, but the truth is, it turned out to be a super unfavorable situation.

It turned into round 2 of being in a verbally abusive relationship. 

I wondered why I was in this situation AGAIN, and I know you are super intrigued to know the first situation, however I’ll save that for another blog.

So here we are, in 2020, I am living with a partner who did not see me or value me. I was made fun of for practicing yoga or reiki. He laughed at me using Frankincense and Lavender on my face. He criticized me for all the things I was doing.

I found myself in survival mode to keep my spirits hopeful. I was living to prove my worth.

He hated the Law of Attraction, and my connection to spirit. Anything that stoked my fire, like rainbows and synchronicities, was met with so much resistance and frustration that I had no other choice but to seclude myself to a separate room where I cried every night before bed. 

I prayed, I visualized that there was a person for me that understood me and supported me. I sat in trust that I would receive signs to guide me onward. 

As I sat in silence with all the time I had, my friend Cory’s voice echoed in my mind, “You should record meditations, you have a super soothing and relaxing voice.”


I felt a surge of inspiration and hope! My partner at the time was educated in audio engineering. I was able to use his equipment, microphone, headphones and all the things you need to record. 

So I sat down and started to write what was soothing my SOUL at the time. I spoke softly, sweetly with myself. I told myself to breathe through it. 

After writing a meditation script, I plugged in the audio interface to my Mac and started to speak into the mic. I felt secure and empowered. I felt wired and inspired.  All the teachings of Law of Attraction share that when you feel, “Inspired Action,” to go with the flow and “follow that better feeling, feeling.”

So here it was, my inspiration, my guide, my JOY. I felt hope for something new. Leaning into all my awareness of my own thoughts.

 I knew I would be given a sign of when it was time to leave the relationship.

It was a week later when I was supposed to dog sit in San Miguel, so I asked to borrow the microphone and the mic stand.  I was loading it in my bag and had to break it down but I didn’t want to ruin the equipment so I asked my boyfriend to show me how he does it the right way.

He came storming into the room with an aggressive attitude, grabbed the mic stand and complained, “What are you stupid? You can’t figure out how to break this down? I’m busy and I asked you not to interrupt me while I write! This is really f*cking easy.”

I sat there taking this scold as if I had done something terribly wrong. Water welled in my eyes and I felt such a surge of sadness wave over me.  

It was devastating to know that THIS was exactly the SIGN I needed to leave and do whatever it takes to exit this verbally toxic relationship. 

As I drove to San Miguel for the dog sitting gig, I told him I did not want to speak to him. I needed space. Truly I was super devastated at his reaction to helping me. I was emotionally distraught, and I felt the need to just soothe myself without his two cents. 

There was no TV on this rural farmstead, no wifi connection. I was forced to Get Quiet and Listen. 

Morning Birds of San Miquel

I sat outside in the warm sunlight and listened to a choir of black birds singing into the sunrise. I thought that this would be a perfect time to set up the microphone to record these beautiful and magical bird songs.

This is when I recorded one of my first meditations called, “Morning Birds of San Miguel.” You can find the audio below.

Morning Birds of San Miguel Meditation

It was in these moments of presence and peace that I felt surges of hope radiate through my blood. I knew I had to make a choice for myself and trust that I would be guided.

Tongue Drum Meditation in San Miguel

To keep the story short, I ended the relationship the moment I walked back into his home.

I leaned into my guidance. This is a reminder to trust yourself. Even though your intuition may lean into something that seems hard to do, I promise you, that your higher power is always looking out for your best case scenario.

It was a devastating time, I had no family here, or place to live. I just knew that my spiritual growth was on the rise as I felt FAITH fuel my fire over the fear. 

Spiritual Growth is more important than staying in a struggling situation. 

Spirit is what guides us whether you believe in your own higher power or Source Energy or God. Your connection to self will allow you to hear the whispers of your Soul get louder.

3 Ways to connect to your Spiritual Growth & Connection to Source:

1. Sit in Silence for 5 mins a day, to focus on your breath over the mind chatter

2. Give thanks throughout the day. EVEN THANK the TOUGH SITUATIONS, these are all part of the Divine

3. Fuel your FAITH over your fear

This is just one of many stories I have to share that lead toward deeper connection to self as a remedy to all your tough situations. 

It has been a mission to align with those who also feel lost or struggling. Please know that by reading this, you are in connection to a Source beyond. 

I offer programs that align you to your Peace, Purpose and Prosperity. If this resonated with you, I invite you to continue our connection together. 

Click here to learn about my one on one 3 month Soul Ignite Academy Program: Release Resistance to Become a Magnet to all you Desire. You can find the offering at this button below. You can also do your own self paced virtual Mediation Course I wrote called, Get Your Shift Together: 5 Meditations that will Transform Your Life.

Watch the creation of this meditation on Youtube here!


Thank you for trusting me and guiding yourself towards your path of healing. Just know, that if you give yourself the time and space to tune into you, that you will be guided through the dark and into the light. 

Trust that when you make an intention to honor your Spiritual Growth, you will always be on a positive evolution.

Get Quiet and Listen.

Infinite Blessings.

Anna “Honeybee” Rose