My journey into the wellness world of Spirulina all began in Puriscal, Costa Rica.  I wanted to learn how to be a heart centered leader so I was guided to a program that was offered on NuMundo.org called NuSeed Gathering. We spent 6 days in the jungle on a turmeric, ginger and cacao farm among other health and heart centered enthusiasts. 


Discover all the Benefits of Spirulina

Bless yourself & your family with this superfood from our waters fed from the sun☀️

I was delighted to be immersed in a culture so beautiful as Costa Rica within a community of folks who have the intentions to help the world through their services. I for one did not know what I would offer the world, as I was fresh out of a break up and shit broke. 

There is one thing I knew for certain…I wanted to support others on their wellness paths. (Read my full journey here) I figured that if I wanted to live a wholesome and healthy life I could create a job that centers around holistic healing, nutrition, yoga or meditation. Then I would be immersed into this lifestyle for life!!


As we sat around the table for lunch I noticed this young man shaking up a bright deep blue drink in his glass. I came over to ask him about this beverage and he was thrilled to share its contents. 

He then introduced himself as Christopher John Hills V and told me that his grandfather also known as, “The Father of Spirulina,” Dr. Christopher Hills had started a movement that worked to acknolwedge spirulina as the amazing food source that it is.

He had a vision to feed the world through spirulina.  He also wrote 30 books on wellness, spirituality and consciousness. The book that I received from the New Phoenix Rising family came with my first order of Spirulina. The book is called, “The Secrets of Spirulina,” by Dr. Christopher HIlls.

When you get two jars of spirulina you will also recieve a FREE copy of the “Secrets of Spirulina!!”

I discovered so many amazing facts about spirulina and shared a few of those on this video I made here!


While I was in Costa Rica I felt immense support from the universe, guiding me to my own healing. Young Christopher had asked me if I had any health concerns and I told him that I was super constipated from our travels to Centro America and that I had scalp psoriasis. 

He then gave me some spirulina throughout the trip and I started feeling relief in my belly(as it is a natural probiotic). He also recommended to make a list of current ailments and to journal my experience as many things would change in my life as I started implementing this blue magic into my diet. 

I wanted to know more about this Blue Magic. So when I returned home I purchased the Distributor pack. I shared my story with my friends and began selling Biolumina Spirulina with New Phoenix Rising so that I could get my spirulina for free.  I crave to have it in my diet so I work for my spirulina!

My weight felt stabilized as I was not as hungry as often, my skin began to glow, my eyes felt brighter and my scalp psoriasis was diminishing. My dad also experienced weight loss and felt an increase in energy since he used to complain about his diabetes. The doctor even praised him as it improved his blood sugar and lipid levels. I then learned spirulina was great for diabetics.

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Who can benefit from Spirulina?

Pregenant woman, babies, athletes, animals, vegans, vegetarians, elderly and everyone seeking to boost their immunities and feed their body the best natural food from sunlight.


How does Spirulina boost your immunity?

“With its complete, bio-available spectrum of nutrition, including Beta Carotene (pro-vitamin A), six B’s, D, E, H and K, iron, chlorophyll, all essential and many non-essential amino acids, a range of phyto-nutrients, including the super-antioxidant, phycocyanin, BioLumina supports the function and repair of the immune system, as well as supporting healthy response to stressors, while binding free radicals. BioLumina’s massive amount of beta-carotene (20 times more than carrots) and other phyto-nutrients work to reverse damage from oxidative-stress. BioLumina assists in building ones immunity to contagious illness’s, such as colds and flu.” –New Phoenix Rising

The following facts and benefits of Biolumina Spirulina have been taken from New Phoenix Rising’s Website😎

  • Allergies-Many people report great positive change in this arena.
  • Depression-BioLumina has nutrients that your body needs when you are experiencing depression.
  • Detox-We all are exposed to toxins every day. BioLumina can assist with removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body. It’s great for fasting!


  • Immune Issues-At the root of all sorts of complaints is an inadequate immune system. BioLumina boosts the immune system naturally.
  • Hair, Nails & Skin-All 3 of these areas are supported by BioLumina.
  • Healthy Weight-By supplying the correct nutrients in the most efficient form, BioLumina can be of great assistance in balancing weight issues.


  • Blood Sugar, Energy-Many people report marked improvement of issues related to blood sugar balance and energy levels.
  • Mental Clarity-BioLumina contains naturally occurring nutrients that pass the blood-brain barrier and assist with brain function; even with stem cell production!
  • Radiation Protection-As a result of the fantastic healing properties of Spirulina at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the 80’s, in Russia, Spirulina is now considered a medical treatment for radiation sickness. From protecting your skin from solar radiation to warding off the effects of low level radiation in our environment, BioLumina is a must in today’s world.

Honeybee's Vegan Blue Coconut Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

  • Oat Milk or Orange Juice
  • 1 TBS Biolumina Spirulina
  • 2 peeled oranges
  • 3 peeled kiwis
  • 3 medjool dates no pits
  • Handful of coconut flakes
  • Handful of ice to make it cold or you can use frozen mango!!!

Aloha! To avoid spirulina clumps I always add the liquid first in my Vitamix, then fruits, top it with Spirulina and other powders. These are not exact measurements as I always sort of put in as much liquid as I want depending on how many are enjoying the smoothie with me!! So feel free to make your own version and play around with the amount of fruits you put in. If you want a milky smoothie use any vegan milk. If you want a fruit foward juicy smoothie, use orange juice.


Infinite Blessings,


Discover all the Benefits of Spirulina

Bless yourself & your family with this superfood from our waters fed from the sun☀️ I would love to help you get the finest grown spirulina on this planet, just scoop a jar below.

❤️Thank You for supporting Home Grown Spirulina❤️

Ever since using Spirulina my skin and energy levels have flourished. However, these are just minor benefits compared to the help it has provided for my intestinal issues. The Spirulina soothes my stomach, allows me to feel like I’m actually absorbing nutrients without having to constantly fill my body, and did I mention my energy levels are sustained throughout the day! I couldn’t be more than satisfied with this brand.

Unique Love❤️

Hello, my name is Frankie John, I have a few pre existing conditions, diabetes and diverticulitis. At the end of 2017 I was up 300 pounds. I was recommended to start using Biolumina Spirulina as an optimal well being source. Now at the end of 2020, I am so Happy! ☺️ I took that recommendation and I am 228 pounds. Thanks🙏🏼 to Spirulina, walking and my diet, my energy, diabetes control and regularity all seem to be enhanced and in control. It has improved the quality, value and extent of my well being. I hope🤞Spirulina works for you as it has worked for me three years and counting. Amen.  

Frankie John😎