Ready to shift your life? 

💜Are you ready to get your shit together but you have no idea where to start?

💜Are you ready to make Mental Health and Self-Care a priority?

💜Did you recently go through a break up and are seeking to feel Confident again?

💜Do you feel out of alignment with your job and where you’ve been putting your energy?

Trust me, I GET it. That’s why I made this for YOU, boo boo.

Get Your Shift Together: 5 Powerful Meditations That Will Transform your Life,is a wonderful self-paced interactive Course.  You will transform your life through Self-Love and Meditation, by incorporating these simple yet powerful techniques into your daily life.

What you will gain from this Course:

  • Learn How to use meditation as a way to release stress, doubts and confusion.
  • Feel Empowered after a break up. Find Peace in your renewed self love.
  • Gain Clarity in how you envision your best life experience.
  • Give yourself more Loving Energy. Fill your cup so you may serve others and the visions for this New Earth.
  • Understand your emotions, they are your best guidance system towards what you desire and deserve.


Tune into you boo boo

In this Self-Paced Interactive Mini-Course you will learn 5 Transformational Meditations that will support your positive life changing shifts. 

The 5 Transformational Meditation Styles Covered to Get Your Shift Together

1.  The Movement Meditation-Center yourself as you connect to your body and spirit through different types of movement.

2.  The Mindfulness Meditation-Become ​mindful of your thought processes, learn how to surrender to the emotion and detach from any outcome.

3.  The Breath Work Meditation-​Breath is LIFE. Learn how to harness the power of intentional breathing to calm your nervous system.

4.  The Spiritual meditation-Connect to Source Energy, God or the Universe through prayer or observance to the all loving energy that exists around us at all times.

5.  The Concentration Meditation-Learn how to focus your attention on a sound, object or fire gaze to release the monkey mind.

    Grab your Mini Course for $11.11!!


    -> You will receive a daily checklist to track your own meditations

    -> A Downloadable PDF for those Juicy Self Reflections

    -> Access to Private Facebook Community  

    Ready to prioritize Self Love to be your most HEALING Remedy?

    Getting your SHIFT together means putting yourself first!!! You may be asking, why does prioritizing myself even matter?

    It MATTERS THE MOST my love 💜 Your Self-Care and Mental Health are Priority

    This is your life, your show, your experience. I know you want to live it to the fullest. You have the power to transform your life through Meditation.