It was 2018 when I attended my first ever retreat in Costa Rica. I was inspired to go since I was feeling stuck in my life. I was attending the university getting my masters in teaching while serving downtown chicago. 

Something felt off, I didn’t feel right slaving away my time and energy in school. I felt caged, misaligned, anxious, I felt “off.”

All these internal feelings of discomfort were misaligned. I knew that these avenues were not MY PATH. I had to do something fast or else I was going to get swept away by the full time matrix that sucks you in and spits you out. 

I felt a pull to something greater, more satisfying, more life changing, more uplifting.

I felt a pull to FULL SEND with FAITH to attend a random retreat called NUSEED. This retreat was all about packaging your gifts as an entrepreneur with coaching and workshops aligned to these teachings. 

Mind you I had ZERO idea of what I would offer, or what type of business I would get into. All I knew was that I loved video editing and helping people.   

Nuseed retreat in Costa Rica

As I spent 6 days in the jungle, connecting, dancing, playing and bouncing some epic ideas off of some really elevated positive people, I felt a shift within me.

This retreat forever changed my perception on life, collaboration, and how to make a creative income. 

For me retreats represent a way of tapping into your intentions. When you have a specific intention to learn, grow, heal, adventure or to transform from a retreat…your intention will be FULFILLED.

Where attention goes, INTENTION FLOWS.

That is why I believe these retreats can be so transformative.

New community New Friends at retreats

So why are retreats transformational?

Retreats can be transformative for which ever intention you call in.

If you are seeking to find community, YOU MOST CERTAINLY WILL!

Retreats may bring people a range of 2-30 people together from all over the world.

These adventurous Souls break bread together, sharing in the flavors of the culture visited.

New connections are formed as explorers from all over the world dance, practice yoga, flow, hike, swim, relax, communicate and adventure together for the duration of the experience.

 If you are seeking to find yourself and connect to your own beautiful essence on a deeper level… YOU WILL ACHIEVE THIS.

Sure, it will take you out of your comfort zone, however when you step out of your comfortable norm, this is where inner growth will happen.

You will have to navigate new horizons and new interactions. This will allow you to explore without the constraints of your life back at home.

You will have the space to be yourself, to learn about what you like and don’t like. 

Some retreats are specifically for self care and others simply for adventure. 

Regardless you are the captain of your ship. Here you can witness where your energy will guide you next!

Retreats take you out of your element and into the Elements.

If adventure is what you are seeking, then adventure is what you will find.

Where ever you my venture to a retreat, it is certain that this may be new territory for you.

Whether the location is a new resort 15 minutes away or an unexplored country 4000 miles away, you will be introduced to new horizons and hopefully it will spark your explorative senses!


Check out a video of our Selva Sol: A Tropical Immersion and Flowarts Retreat at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala 2022

Retreats may introduce you to new activities like hiking, biking, acro yoga, scuba diving, and bird watching to name a few.

At our Elemental Serenity Retreats we always add elements of play and movement so that you can connect to your body and spirit. 

Here you can express and be FREE. 

A place where you can get out of the matrix of society so you can experience what a life of exploration and connection can cultivate in your SOUL. 


Acro Yoga at Selva Sol retreat

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