Unleash Your Wild Woman Wonder Eco-Retreat


Tune into the Elements. Where your Soul meets your body. 

Join us in the lush lands of Nicaragua for our 7 night retreat,

 June 20-27, 2022

at Costa Dulce, Nicaragua



Unleash the woman you desire to be. 

Join us as we connect our bodies and breath through daily yoga classes, meditation and mindful movement practices. Throughout this experience you will cultivate a deep relationship with other sisters on a similar path as you. We will come together to banish the doubts and anxieties you have, so that you can step into your TRUTH.

Let go of what society is asking of you, what your partner wants from you and what others want from you. Here we welcome you to Stand in your TRUTH, your IDENTITY, step into who you aspire to be. Awaken to your Divine Desires.

You will leave these lands feeling uplifted, supported and confident for your positive expansion. You will leave feeling inspired to share your unique gifts in this new Earth. 

RELEASE what no longer serves you to UNLEASH your Wild Wonder. 

Join the Wild Women ready to embark on adventure!!

What is included in your Retreat Ticket


Accommodations for 7 nights at Costa Dulce Surf & yoga Eco-Resort


4 Vegetarian Meals per day from locally sourced produce


2 Movement Classes per day

Enjoy Yoga with KJ & Lily Grace Quirk, along with Mindful Movement & Flow Arts with Honeybee 


Daily Meditations

Allow yourself to surrender to the present as we drop into our bodies. Awaken your intuition and clarity.


Access to the yoga Shalas

We will practice flow arts, dance and meditation in these sacred spaces


Turtle Talk with Vital Actions

Learn about sea turtle conservation and protection!! A portion of your retreat ticket goes to Vital Actions Sea Turtle Conservation & Collado Reserve Projects



Meso-American style sweat lodge to purify the mind, body & spirit


Sound Healing

Enjoy a vibrational sound healing with Honeybee



Tune into our wellness workshops. Gather to chat about Essential Oils, Self Love, Release What no Longer Serves you


Access to the pool & Bar

Relax by the pool, enjoy a beverage, your on vacation bb


An Adventure Hike to Honor the sacred flourishing lands


Government Fees/Taxes

What is NOT included with your retreat ticket

These items listed below are not included in your ticket price. It is your responsibility to obtain the following:

  • Airfare
  • Border & Customs Taxes, More Info Here!!
  • Shuttle Service is paid to Costa Dulce. We will connect you to Costa Dulce to coordinate your ride shares, according to your flight arrival & departures
  • COVID antigen or PCR Test depending on your country of resisdence for your return flight
  • Choose your Own Adventure day, extra excursions you may desire
  • Additional Surf or Spa Package
  • Health Pass to enter into Costa Rica if you take this route (Health Pass is Free)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport

 Eco-Luxurious Rooms

Take note of which room you desire. You can choose what is available when you apply =) First come first serve basis!

All rooms come with shared kitchen and access to yoga studio.

Casita 1

$2222 per person

Perfect for two besties, or family looking to share a room. This is a comfortable space with a large ocean view deck and cozy living space. 1 king or 2 single beds available. Sleeps 2.

*Interior photos coming soon


Casita 2

$2222 per person


Casita 3

$2222 per person


Casa Horizon #1

$2222 per person

Communal Vibes. Shared space. Beautiful Ocean Views with a Shared Kitchen & Lounge Area with a private yoga studio. It is super cute and cozy luxury.

2 Taken / 2 Spaces left great for two friends to share Queen.

Casa Horizon #2

$2333 per person


Casa Horizon #3

$2222 per person

Gorgeous open window. Great for two besties. Beautiful Ocean Views with a Shared Kitchen & Lounge Area with a private yoga studio. It is super cute and cozy luxury. Sleeps 2.

Casa Horizon #4

$2111 per person

Perfect for solo travelers looking to share a room with other solo travelers, or great for a group of 4!! Beautiful Ocean Views with a Shared Kitchen & Lounge Area with a private yoga studio. Super cute and cozy luxury. Bunkbeds, Sleeps 4. 2 Spaces Left

Big Bungalow

$2333 per person

The spacious Big Bungalow is an octagonal cabin carefully crafted using local hardwoods. It has great views of the beach and a cool ambient temperature thanks to a high ceiling with excellent ventilation. This room is great for couples or small groups. The balcony is furnished with 2 lounge chairs and a hammock, and there is a small dining/work table inside. Hot water solar shower, and like all rooms, it is also solar powered.  Sleeps 4.

Join us in Nicaragua

Space is Limited!!! Simply fill out the form below, so we may send you all the juicy details. Look out for the follow up email!!

Costa Dulce, Eco Surf Retreat Center 

At Costa Dulce, they believe in a holistic approach!! They welcome all who desire an environment that allows for deep connection to all people and the land. Trust that with every activity you choose to embark on, your money is truly creating sustainable futures for their staff, neighboring communities, sea turtle conservation & so much more. You will experience their work through their culture and nature activities to become part of the bigger vision.  You will leave Costa Dulce feeling like an empowered Earth Steward.

Escameca Eco-Lodge-

 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.


Nicaragua is nestled in Central America, in between Honduras & Costa Rica. A fun fact to note, is that Nicaraguans use geothermal energy from the steam let off by the depths of volcanoes!! They also have 40 volcanoes along the Pacific coast.  This land is fertile, vibrant and home to an abundance of exotic animals. You can find wild boars, sloths, toucans, boa constrictors, monkeys and jaguars. Along the remote areas of the Caribbean Coast, you can spot manatees and sea turtles swimming.


Meet your Guides

Honeybee @elementalserenity

Honeybee @elementalserenity

Sound Healer, Dynamic Flow, Twerkshop

I am so stoked to be your guide through the jungle!! My heart and passions are to align all humans to their highest bliss. To facilitate a space where you feel the most in tune with your ELEMENTS. On this adventure I will be guiding you through Daily Meditation, Sound Healing, Breath-Work, Dynamic Mindful Movement, Twerkshop, and Silk Fan Play. I feel blessed to be guided towards these magical places to shine light on the corners of the Earth that desire preservation efforts and love. Stoked to meet you in the jungle.

KJ @the.rooted.yogi

KJ @the.rooted.yogi

Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Leader

Hello Wild Women💜My name is KJ and I feel beyond blessed to lead adventure retreats with the most amazing people. This desire to lead was born out of intention to empower all women to live into the fullness of their Divine power. We all have purpose and value in this world and many times fear of the unknown holds us back. We settle for less than because we’re scared to ask for more. We don’t know if we’re worthy. But what if you trusted there actually is more for you? What if you trusted you are worthy of everything your heart desires and you believed this wholeheartedly? Join us to unleash your wild woman who wants to be seen, loved and nurtured. Trust us with this experience and I promise you your life will be transformed! 


Lily Grace Quirk @lilygracequirk

Lily Grace Quirk @lilygracequirk

Yoga Teacher, Flow Arts

What up!? My name is Lily Grace Quirk and welcome to the Wild Woman Wonder Club where we love to empower women through movement and authentic expression. With a background in dance, I began practicing yoga in my early years to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a certified YogaWorks instructor since 2013, I strive to inspire every individual to find a movement practice that works for them. For the past 9 years, I have taught a variety of movement classes including Vinyasa Flow, Aerial Yoga, Barre Fusion, Aerial Artistry, and MORE! My classes can be described as a playful journey through the interweaving of the body. When I’m not teaching classes, I also perform fire and aerial dancing for local and international venues. 


Sadie @inyourlightphoto

Sadie @inyourlightphoto

Intuitive Photographer

Hello! My name is Sadie and I’m a photographer. Photography for me is a passion as well as a way for me to share & create art. I have been photographing for the past 10 years, exploring different ways that my camera carries me to new places & people. It is such a gift to work with women all over the world, and be able to hold space for them to feel comfortable being seen in front of the camera. Retreat photography has opened a door of radical expression & allowed me to capture true transformation. As well as amazing memories & unforgettable moments! It is truly such an honor to be here for this.

We welcome all woman seeking to Unleash their Wild Woman Wonder

Stoked to join us?

Click here to submit your application. Look out for a follow up email to officially reserve your space at the retreat!!!

Check out what our Wild Woman have to say!!!

I feel like me again! I have returned with a renewed sense of the gifts and presence I bring to the world. This experience helped me begin to let go of some of the stories that were keeping me from living fully into the moment and moving forward from recent heartbreak. I feel more connected with nature and my sacred feminine creative, sensual, community-building power.

Adrielle S.


What is possible is beyond my wildest dreams, yet at the tip of my fingers. 

The entire experience was one of surrender, trust, and deep transformation- which I am still untangling and integrating weeks later. 

A unique, co-collaborative experience- this retreat felt divinely orchestrated and deeply purposeful, in more ways than I can count.

Ariana F.

Oakland, CA

This experience, this retreat will always be an amazing experience that I will hold onto and cherish for the rest of my life.  I can’t say enough about how much fun I had, all the wonderful women I had the pleasure of getting to know and the tender special moments between us all.  Learning about the people and the culture, communing together with yoga, dance and writing.  It was all more than I could have dreamt it would have been when I signed up.  This experience will carry me through tough times ahead- looking back at my connections and experiences will always be with me in my heart ❤️, and will forever make my spirit dance 💃!! Thank you KJ, Honeybee, Lilly and Sadie- you knocked it outta the park- this retreat was beyond AMAZING



I came into this not knowing what to expect or how I would feel about the experience. I have never been to a Women’s Retreat and I’m not a “yogi.” I just knew I had to go into this with an open mind and heart. I was looking for a mental reset and that’s exactly what I got plus more! I made great connections with amazing women of all ages and was able to disconnect from all the stresses of everyday life in a healthy way. I’m so happy I took a leap of faith and went!!!

Yvonne R.


What is possible is beyond my wildest dreams, yet at the tip of my fingers. 

The entire experience was one of surrender, trust, and deep transformation- which I am still untangling and integrating weeks later. 

A unique, co-collaborative experience- this retreat felt divinely orchestrated and deeply purposeful, in more ways than I can count.

Alexa B.

San Luis Obispo, CA

We welcome all who vow to take care of themselves, to share in  abundance, acceptance and community.

Safety Guidelines to for our Happy, Healthy, & Thriving Travelers

We encourage our Wild Women travelers to educate yourselves to feel empowered about your traveling decisions. You can fly into Liberia, or San Jose, Costa Rica & cross the border to Nicaragua, or you can fly to the Managua airport, Nicaragua.

 Travel Info from Costa Dulce’s Website

Costa Dulce Surf & Yoga Retreat

Escameca Eco-Lodge, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

COVID-19 Protocols for Entry to Nicaragua

Travel Info to Nicaragua

Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required to enter?

Yes. To enter Nicaragua, citizens and foreigners must present a negative COVID-PCR/SEROLOGY test at the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport taken a maximum of 72 hours prior to entry. The COVID-19 test results should be sent electronically to the airline prior to the date of travel.

Note: For citizens arriving from Asia, Africa, and Oceania, the test must be taken a maximum of 96 hours prior to their arrival in Nicaragua.

Are land borders open?

Yes. To enter through any one of our land borders a negative PCR COVID-19 test is also required.

Note: Citizens of the CA4 member countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras), may enter Nicaragua using an original and valid identification card and are exempt from paying immigration tariffs.

Is it necessary to fill out a form to enter the country?

Yes. People who wish to visit Nicaragua, entering by air or land, must fill out an online form or download and complete it, which is issued by the Ministry of the Interior to provide an agile, orderly and safe application to enter the country.

The form must be sent a minimum of seven days prior to arrival in Nicaragua- solicitudes@migob.gob.ni

Online Form: https://solicitudes.migob.gob.ni

There are Google Plug In to translate this form from Spanish to English 💜

COVID-19 Protocols for Entry To Costa Rica

There are new policies in place starting February 23, 2o22.

Please check back to this site if you decide to fly into Costa Rica. Keep in Mind you need to see the land requirements for crossing the Nicaraguan Border. If you do not want to worry about crossing another countries border, we recommend flying into Managua, Nicaragua.

Entry Requirements to Costa Rica

COVID-19 Protocols for Entry Back To the United States

For your return flight back to the US please note, since December 6, 2021, all American air travelers 2 and older returning to the US need a negative Covid-19 test taken within one day their departing flight, regardless of vaccination status.

For travelers going home directly after the retreat back to the United States. 

Traveling Back to the United States

Elemental Serenity’s Response to COVID

We aspire to create meaningful, healthy and empowering events so that you may ripple your health and happiness into the world.

We understand that it is a very difficult time for many around the world. As we all navigate through this pandemic we are aware that concerns may arise. If you do not feel comfortable traveling during this time, we ask that you consider Elemental Serenity for your future events. However if you feel called to join the community and opportunity to connect to your body, breath, movement and personal healing then we would love to welcome you to, “Unleash Your Wild Woman Wonder!!!”

We do ask for you to be conscious of your health before traveling across country borders and be sure to follow all the guidelines below to avoid any hiccups at the airport!!

  • Be aware of your health
  • Get Medical Travelers Insurance before Traveling to incase you get a Positive Covid Result
  • Stay positive & smile a lot!!! (It’s good for the SOUL