Selva Sol: A Tropical Immersion & Flow Arts Retreat

October 8-14, 2022

at Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

You are invited to put a pause on your day to day grind and tap out of the matrix- This is your permission to PLAY. Join our tropical immersive adventure as you create meaningful experiences within your new community and a deeper connection to yourself.

3 Pillars of Play

 Each day we will explore the 3 Pillars of Play:


Curious Exploration – “To be curious is to live a life full of wonder.” Venture into the wonders of the jungle around you and lead your life with curiosity. Whether you’re participating in a Mayan fire ceremony, chocolate making workshop, walking meditation through the jungle, learning how to spin fire, or singing in a sauna with new friends, you will have the chance to explore your inner and outer worlds.

Spontaneous Expression“There is magic in every spontaneous moment.”  Deep connection is inspired by authentic play and raw vulnerability. This is your invitation to see what flows out of you when faced with the opportunity to share your truth with others during workshops such as compassionate communication practices, exploring your core values, a men’s circle, a women’s circle, improv, authentic relating, and also enjoying a good ol’ belly laugh at the tea lounge.

Dynamic Movement“Movement is Medicine.” Movement allows us to connect to your most sacred vessel, your beautiful body. Learn the fundamentals of flow arts with flow toys such as silk fans, hoop, and poi. Hang upside down on aerial silks, partner up for acroyoga and contact improv, channel your primal energy by a guided twerk workshop and start every morning off with a yoga class.

Immerse yourself in the sacred vibrant lands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What’s included in your ticket:


Accommodations for 7 days and 6 nights at Mystical Yoga Farm


Three farm fresh vegan meals a day


Transportation to and from the airport and for group excursions


Daily movement & flow arts classes including a fundamentals of flow workshop, aerial silks, poi, silk fans, advanced hooping, acroyoga, contact improvisation, twerkshop, ecstatic dance, playing with fire props, partner yoga, and yoga


Impactful classes on compassionate communication practices, toxic-free living with essential oils, improv comedy, and identifying your core values.


Expansive experiences including a traditional Mayan fire ceremony, chocolate making workshop, cacao singing ceremony, jungle hike to Grandfather Rock, authentic relating games, sauna singing circle, walking meditation with breathwork, sound healing, whimsical tea lounge, sharing circles, and a lakeside celebration with camp games.


Access to yoga shala and common spaces


Access to the beautiful lake with toys like kayaks and paddleboards!

Room Rates and Pricing

First come first serve basis!

All rooms come with shared kitchen and access to yoga studio.




☀️2 Person Cabin with 2 Single Beds $2250 per person

☀️ 2 Person Cabin with 1 Queen Bed $2250 per person

☀️ 1 Person Cabin $2450


☀️ 2 Person Room with 1 Queen Bed $2050 per person

☀️ 1 Person Private Room $2250


☀️6 Person Dorm $1650 per person

☀️4 Person Dorm $1850 per person

Private Cabins

Each uniquely decorated and painted with its own style and personality, our individual bungalows provide quiet solitude perfect for solo travelers and (in our double rooms) couples, or friends who don’t mind sharing a bed. Each cabin is special, with a mix of breathtaking views, and surrounded by gardens.

Private Rooms

Tucked under one of our Yoga Temples, Abuela. Painted by a fairy who brought life and excitement to each room. Sage, the witchy room. Bliss, nestled in a green grove with dancing sunflowers. Mystic, flying high in the clouds. Budita, have a loving Jaguar as your roomate. Single beds or full beds available. The private rooms allow for you to have your own space and still live closely and connect with your neighbors.

Shared Dorm Spaces

Community living is a key part of life here at the Farm. Our shared dorm spaces are comfortable and great for small groups or solo travelers who wish to connect. 

Being a part of such a gracefully facilitated journey brought such a loving empowerment to myself, allowing me to feel into my true potential and what that could look like as a service to all.

– Jonathan Thomas

Meet your Guides

Honeybee @elementalserenity

Honeybee @elementalserenity

Sound Healer, Dynamic Flow, Twerkshop

Hola Hola!!! I go by Honeybee & I will be your Sassy Soul Alignment Guide and dynamic flow arts teacher! I created Elemental Serenity with the intention to facilitate a space where all humans may come to explore, play and vibe in their beautiful bodies all while connecting back to nature’s elements. My mission on this planet is to honor the land, cultivate new adventures and to connect your spirit to your wild. The idea of Elemental Serenity was conceived in the jungles of Costa Rica as I watched the fire spinners and surfers be completely in THEIR ELEMENTS.  Elemental Serenity represents a state of flow, a mental and physical space where you embody your highest joys in this life experience.  

Lily Grace Quirk @lilygracequirk

Lily Grace Quirk @lilygracequirk

Yoga Teacher, Flow Arts

Hi there! I’m Lily Grace Quirk, a California native who has spent the last 10 years teaching movement including yoga, acro, dance, and aerial artistry. I love to share my passion for expressive movements with anyone and EVERYONE! I believe a playful perspective to life helps me stay balanced and joyful. I am excited to help facilitate your experience with us in magical Guatemala!

Bryan Arturo @sustainablybry

Bryan Arturo @sustainablybry

Workshop Facilitator

I’m ecstatic to be co-creating this space with you! My gifts come from living a life balanced between nature and technology as a group facilitator, entrepreneur, and sustainability marketer. In my 7 years of producing retreats that foster deep connection, I have founded The Sustainable Living Tour and Serendipity Tea Lounge, offering experiences for companies including Netflix, UBS Bank, Meetup, Summit, and the San Diego Union-Tribune. I thrived in the ecovillage and permaculture world and am so excited to share some of my favorite connection and conflict resolution techniques that I have learned from empowering grassroots movements around the world. 


Come and experience the magic of Mystical Yoga Farm’s transformational communiTea.

“We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of sacred Lake Atitlán, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our peaceful refuge provides a safe container for healing, growth and empowerment.” – Mystical Yoga Farm


This retreat is for all genders!!

Click here to submit your application. Look out for a follow up email to officially reserve your space at the retreat!!!

I am still in close contact with almost everyone that attended. Many of us see each other regularly. This experience together was so transformational that it has created a thread that weaves through all of us.

– Lily Begler

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Selva Sol Mean?

Selva Sol in Spanish stands for Jungle Sun. This represents our unique tropical immersion retreat.  We desire to embrace our 3 pillars of play at every retreat we host.  The pillars of play are: 

  • Curious Exploration
  • Spontaneous Expression
  • Dynamic Movement

Spontaneous Expression There is magic and beauty in every present moment. Deep connection is inspired by authentic play and raw vulnerability. This is your invitation to see what flows out of you during improv games and authentic relating workshops. Trust us, you’ll make sweet friendships along the way.

Dynamic Movement – Movement is Medicine, it allows us to connect to the most sacred vessel, your beautiful body. Come move with us as we practice yoga, dance, learn the basics of fire play, twirl silk fans, hang upside down on aerial silks, partner up with basic acro yoga and twerk into our most primal play. 

Curious Exploration – To be curious is to live a life full of wonder. Connecting to the energy around and within helps us stay playful throughout our experiences. This can include walking in nature and absorbing the benefits of our Mother Earth, or diving deep into

    Which Airport do I fly into?

    Good Question! Here is what Mystical Yoga Farm has to say about getting to their location. Keep in mind one of our retreat facilitators will be in touch with you too secure your shuttles & boat taxi in town!

    From the Airport (GUA) or Antigua to Santiago & Mystical Yoga Farm- If you would like a direct shuttle service from the Airport/Antigua to the lake we can recommend our private driver, Ishmar, who speaks English (whatsapp +50242115139). Other options are UBER or a private shuttle, https://www.santiagoshuttle.com/

    It is around a 3/3.5 hour trip to Santiago from the airport, which is the closest town to the farm on the lake. From Santiago you can take a private boat to the farm, by saying ‘la finca de yoga’ to any of the boat drivers at the dock.  The boat ride is about 5-10 minutes with a beautiful view of the lake and the volcanos! The private boat should be about 50Q (with less than 5 people) from Santiago to the farm! Occasionally the boat driver may try to charge more to newcomers – feel free to refuse and tell them you will pay no more than 50Q. From the airport, you can go directly to Panajachel as well on a shared or private shuttle, and then take a boat to the Farm. It is also common to spend the night in Antigua and travel to Panajachel the next day.

    From Airport to Panajachel (Pana) [3 Hour Drive] –If your flight arrives before 1:00pm, you have a good chance of making it to the Farm in one day. You can book a direct shuttle from the airport to Pana. It is about a 3/3.5 hour drive. (If you are booking a private shuttle the better option is what we talked about above!)

    From Airport to Antigua  [1 Hour Drive] –Setting up a transfer from the airport to Antigua is easy. You can email your hotel to set it up, or you can email a shuttle company directly, or you can find a ride in a taxi once you leave the airport.

    From Antigua to Panajachel (Pana)  [~2.5 Hour Drive] –You can schedule shuttles at any tour agency, or at the hotel/hostel you are staying at. From Antigua to Pana there is a shuttle at 8:00 am, 12:30 pm, and 4:00 pm. It is about a 2.5 hour shuttle ride. The price is typically $10 (80Q). Once in Pana, you can take a public boat to Santiago (25Q per person), and then a private lancha from Santiago to the farm (50Q for up to 5 people – some drivers may try to overcharge you but this is the going price!). In Pana there is also an option to order a private boat to the farm (300 Q) but many of those drivers don’t know where the Mystical Yoga Farm is.

    What is WhatsApp and why should I use it for this experience?

    WhatsApp is an app we like to use when communicating with our international retreat guests.. It can be downloaded on any device for communication wherever there is Wifi connectivity. As facilitators, we like to create a group message for our guests to get acquainted before the retreat starts. If you have any questions about the installation of Whatsapp, feel free to reach out to us directly.

    What to bring to Guatemala?

    • Reusable Water Bottle
    • Smaller Bills $1, $5, $10, $20 are accepted (great for tips) It is always good to have some cash on hand Credit cards are widely accepted and there is an ATMs in town
    • Bathing suit & beach sandals
    • Shorts
    • Shirts. Bring a variety of t-shirts and tank tops. Cotton or other natural fabrics are preferable. You may want to bring a light sweatshirt or jacket as well
    • Hike or Gym shoes that you don’t mind getting a little wet, for our Eco Adventure Day!! Highly recommend a closed-toe shoe with good grip.
    • Day backpack. Great for going to the beach, on hikes, walks, or other tours.
    • Travel yoga mat or towel
    • Earplugs & eye mask. Its the jungle, you may hear: birds, dogs, music, neighbors! Bring them if you need it =)
    • Toxic Free Shampoos (to protect the sacred waters, I love Young Living or Dr. Bronners)
    • Natural Insect repellant
    • A journal to reflect we will be doing a lot of written activities!!
    • Bring your Flow toys like silk fans, poi, hula hoop if you’d like to play
    • Warmer Clothes incase you get cold (rainy days can get chilly)
    • Parasol or Sun Umbrella
    • Sunglasses
    • CORAL REEF SAFE, waterproof Sunscreen

    Check out what These recent Retreaters have to say!!!

    What is possible is beyond my wildest dreams, yet at the tip of my fingers.

    The entire experience was one of surrender, trust, and deep transformation- which I am still untangling and integrating weeks later.

    A unique, co-collaborative experience- this retreat felt divinely orchestrated and deeply purposeful, in more ways than I can count.

    Alexa B.

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    This experience, this retreat will always be an amazing experience that I will hold onto and cherish for the rest of my life.  I can’t say enough about how much fun I had, all the wonderful women I had the pleasure of getting to know and the tender special moments between us all.  Learning about the people and the culture, communing together with yoga, dance and writing.  It was all more than I could have dreamt it would have been when I signed up.  This experience will carry me through tough times ahead- looking back at my connections and experiences will always be with me in my heart ❤️, and will forever make my spirit dance 💃!! Thank you KJ, Honeybee, Lilly and Sadie- you knocked it outta the park- this retreat was beyond AMAZING



    We welcome all who vow to take care of themselves, to share in abundance, acceptance and community.