Meet Maggie Jay


I am not your typical 30-something year old. My childhood & family are not your “standard normal” American family. I am not your average woman. 

But what the hell is normal anyway?

Hello there beautiful humans of the world and thank you so much for being here!

I love learning about the power of plants and using plant based alternatives. I like sharing this knowledge through easy tips and DIY ideas to show how simple it is to implement these natural ancient practices into our daily lives! I am obsessed with the power of plants and all the amazing benefits we receive from them. I’m a huge believer in balance within our lives. It’s important to stay healthy!!

I am here to remind you to just come as you are. It’s okay to be different and live differently! For someone who felt out of place half her life I  encourage people to just be themselves.

I am not your typical 30-something year old woman, but I’m sure we have a lot more in common than you think. My childhood and family wasn’t your “normal” American family. But what the hell is normal anyway?

I was a little immigrant girl coming to Chicago with her Polish catholic family’s dream for a better life. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, which eventually led my mom, grandma and I to the suburbs where I grew up. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1991 and that was a wellness journey in itself. My upbringing, food and traditions were different from others. I kept to myself, but I adapted and grew up pretty well.

I never really resonated with society’s norms, rules and the suburban lifestyle I was living in. As a child and young woman I always questioned everything and rebelled against traditions and things that didn’t make sense to me. I definitely walked to the beat of my own drum. 

As time went on friends, parties and boyfriends entered my life and I slowly started losing track of my dreams. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast in my twenties. They were a beautiful crazy adventure, a learning experience and I am grateful for every second of the good and bad, but I didn’t feel truly aligned until I started actually focusing on myself. 

Although I was living it up, I worked all the time. I’ve had a job or two since I was 16 and was very independent from a very young age. I worked at many different jobs, I did the 9-5. I worked nights and anywhere I dedicated my time and energy I typically always succeeded, but it never felt satisfying. I didn’t want to work my life away for people and companies whose values don’t align with my own. I wanted to be my own boss and not work my life away. 

As I got older and started learning about how much we’ve been and still are getting lied to and how corrupt our world can be, I went down a rabbithole and never came back! 

 I long to help others and our planet. I want to save animals and our beautiful mother Earth. I want to share the magic of plants and it’s powerful benefits.

This planet is our home and it wants us to thrive. It gives us everything we need. I am inspired and committed to encourage others to be more curious, connected and conscious of our home and what we put in and on our bodies.

There is so much I wanted to learn and share, but my fears, doubts and insecurities overpowered me.

In 2014, I put in my two weeks at my 9-5 corporate job, moved to the city with two best friends and stopped with my limiting mindset and beliefs. This was when my journey to self truly began. Because if not now? Then when?

I started focusing on all aspects of my life. The physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. I wanted to work on my anxiety and face my traumas.

I saw my patterns and habits and slowly stopped ignoring my emotions. It was when I started caring about my mental health and well-being when everything shifted. 

I took the time to reconnect & refocus.

I stepped into my power.

For the first time in my life I started feeling free My true unapologetic self was coming out.  I took the time to reconnect and refocus as I stepped into my power. I stopped being so critical and hard on myself and the world around me. With an open mind, heart and soul I let the power of yoga, hula hoops, plants, oils, shadow work, and self-acceptance help me heal through some of the hardest and most painful moments of my life. 

Co-creating Elemental Serenity with my soul sister Anna is when I stopped limiting myself.  Having the ability to create and share something you’re passionate about with your best friend is a dream come true. 

Then yoga teacher training came into my life and busted me completely open. It was definitely not what I was expecting from a YTT program. It was so much more!  I am forever grateful for these practices and everyday I’m becoming a better version of myself. 

My path to living a more mindful natural lifestyle is a never ending journey. Now, more than ever I feel inspired to share my passion for plants, toxic free living, animals, and movement.

Healing is a continuous process. Making small changes in our lives can turn out to have big results. I love sharing about these ancient practices that have helped me in many way and which are also scientifically proven to work and heal<3

By joining our Elemental community you are sure to get doses of silliness, wellness, gratitude, and inspiration to ditch the toxic chemicals to welcome lovely pure botanicals. We make toxic free living easy & fun!

Below is a list of services I offer in person around Denver, Colorado.

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I would love to welcome you to our tribe. Once you get your starter kit, I will send you a welcome email and a Welcome Packet with a gift by mail. Just chose a kit to get started. We have our Premium Starter Kit, CBD Kit, Thieves Kit, or even our super tasty Ninxgia Kit.


Free Essential oil 101 classes

Jump on a call and we will plan your class. You will receive an oily present as a thank you from Elemental Serenity.
Make and take DIY classes for a material fee.


Aroma Flow Events

We would love to share with you our Aroma Yoga Flow. We use Young Living Oils to harmonize our planet’s blessings with our natural bodies. Experience Eucalyptus in Pranayama and Lavender to soothe and relax you into savasana.


one-on-one COnsulting

This is perfect for the bodyworker, yogi, social worker, or anyone active in the wellness community. If you have a calling to expand your knowledge & help others fill their medicine cabinet with toxic free plant based options then we would love to support you on that mission. Once you become a Young Living member we teach you how to use the oils in your kit for DIY home remedies & cooking. 


Business Mentoring (optional)

We can also teach you how to share Young Living as a business to receive money, FREE essential oils & credits for more plant blessings to share with your tribe. Experience our farms all over the world & join us on our next farm visit!! Check out the generous income opportunity: (Income Disclosure Statement).

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Photo taken by Gene Praag
Young Living’s Lavender farm in Mona, Utah