A Lover’s Journey: An Intimate Relationship with Self

Transitioning into a New Identity After Change

Muliple Retreat Dates

January 3-6, 2022

January 7-10, 2022

January 11-14, 2022

All Inclusive 3 night Retreat located in the Hudson Valley

 What is, “A Lover’s Journey: An Intimate Relationship with Self Retreat” all about?

This is a transformational retreat experience designed for women who have the following characteristics:

A woman who is at a crossroads in her life seeking to find her IDENTITY. 

A woman seeking community and confidence in herself. 

A woman who has served others most of her life and now desires to serve herself with love and compassion 


    If you’ve answered Yes to any of the following,

     This experience is for you…

    Do you feel lost in life not knowing who you are anymore?

    • Are you married or in a relationship where you feel you have lost your own IDENTITY?

    Do you struggle not knowing who you are as a woman or what your PURPOSE is in life?

    • Are you frustrated with your family and yourself?

    Is the silence deafening when you speak and you are not heard?

    • Are you eager to learn about who you are in this phase of your life?

    If so…This is What to expect from this experience:

    Learn how to connect with your authentic self, create a new chosen identity, find your purpose in this phase of your life  and embrace your true self expression of love. 

    By now you realize It is time to Demystify the past illusions that kept you stuck,  Listen to your Inner voice and Rewrite your own script for your life.

    Let’s Tune into your Spirituality, awaken and discover your authentic self through higher consciousness meditation, breath-work and identity activation.

    Be guided on how to connect to your higher consciousness and create a life you truly desire to participate in. 

    You will also Discover exactly who you choose to be, stay in the generous present moment and embrace your chosen IDENTITY so you can move forward in your life. 

    Be open to never being the same again. 

    True transformation happens when you learn to listen to yourself.  

    Grow from within a unique platform of love and understanding of self without the labels that continue to put us in boxes.   


    Join us as we dine together to experience the colorful vibrant, healthy meals prepared by Doreen Ann


    Welcome to Doreen Ann’s Kitchen

    Doreen Ann would love to welcome you to her personal organic garden to table experience. Rather than hiring a catering company to prepare our daily meals and snacks, she has chosen to share the beautiful bounty of her organic garden in Upstate New York with all of you who desire to participate in this unique and personalized experience. 

    For each retreat Doreen’s home grown selections will be intuitively prepared according to the group’s energies and needs. These organic vegetables have been grown from seed to harvest with a unique labor of love.  Doreen Ann finds playing Classical music and Solfeggio Frequencies enables her garden food to thrive. In response to this vibrational energy her garden yields a blessed and bountiful harvest. 

    Check out her tomatoes!! Her veggies literally grow into shapes of a hearts, they are ultimately producing a frequency offering of LOVE!! This LOVE is reflective in each of your meals. As you consume her meals you are partaking in the healing LOVE Frequencies which connect you to self love. 

    Doreen Ann’s food is THE MOST important element to nourishing and maintaining a healthy living temple. Her desire is for you to partake in nourishing your bodies on a cellular level in order to treat you with healing love and radiance.. Since so much attention has gone into the care, cultivation and quality of your retreat meals, consider this food better than store bought organic standards!! 

    Join us as we fill our plates, dine together and experience the colorful vibrant, healthy meals that will nourish our bodies. 


    Reset and Refresh with the Cold Pressed Juice Bar 

    Cold Pressed Juices will grace your palettes daily as we partake in grounding ceremonies to connect us to optimum superfood healing vibes. All the images of food are photos from Doreen Ann’s kitchen!!

    Reboot your mind, body, and spirit 

    What is included with your retreat ticket!!!


    Accommodations to 3 nights in The Hudson Valley


    Doreen Ann's Higher Consciousness Awakening


    Identity and Healing Ceremonies


    Breathe Work and Body Movement Activation


    Daily Meditations


    Spiritual Cell Memory Reading


    Rewriting Your Destiny and Higher Faculty Training


    Doreen Ann’s Homemade Organic Gluten Free Menu, Snacks & Meals all day


    Transformational Connections and Communal Conversation


    Cold Press Organic Juice and Alkaline Water


    Cocktails and Connections Happy Hour: Organic Homemade Wine


    Closing Dinner Ceremony to Heighten your Senses Tantalize your Taste buds and deepen your body’s connection to self love through high vibrational organic food.

    All Inclusive 3 Night Retreat Pricing


    Choose to Pay in Full and receive VIP access to up and coming events, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Wonderful Women’s Workshops and BFD Global ‘s Women and Children’s Charity Fundraisers. Multiple Payment Option Plan Available

    Payment plans must be paid in full by December 24, 2021. 

    Join us on this unique experience

    Choose your dates below and complete the form.

    Multiple Retreat Dates to select from

    Room Accomodations

    • Comfortable cozy community homestead accommodations.
    • If you are Participating with a friend or partner please provide both your names on the application if you desire to share the same room accommodations.

    What is NOT included with your ticket

    • Airfare
    • Transportation to the event space

    Retreat Duration

    • 4 Days – 3 nights 

    • Check In 12pm EST 

    • Check out 12pm EST

    Introducing The Lovely Location

    Join us at our amazing retreat space located in the Shawangunk Mountains Hudson Valley, New York area. This gorgeous property is situated on 6 private acres of land that overlooks an extensive 3,500 square feet of rustic paradise. Beautifully decorated with a warm cozy theme throughout, making it a perfectly home-away-from-home.

    Enjoy a cup of tea next to a warm fire in the great room overlooking the breathtaking landscape. Spend some time on the expansive wraparound porch which features plenty of outdoor seating. Relax outdoors and listen to the running river flow behind the house or perhaps soak in the hot tub under the stars as you sip an evening cocktail.  

    Continue your adventure after the retreat, feel free to check out the great shopping, dining, hikes, state parks, fishing, wineries, apple or pumpkin picking nearby. Treat yourself to this amazing adventure for your mind, body and soul.

    Meet the Retreat Team

    Doreen Ann

    Doreen Ann’s passion to assist women with finding their identity, love for self and personal financial freedom comes from her own personal experiences of having to overcome domestic violence and homelessness. She began her studies putting her primary focus on business, marketing and real estate sales to support her six children as a single mom in the early 90’s. She embraced an entrepreneurial mindset and intently focused on mastering her Real Estate profession with a dream of assisting those women and children she felt passionate for. Successfully working with individuals and families through her real estate profession she gained a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings that influence human behavior. 

    In 2006, the Real Estate Industry collapsed and she realized it was an opportunity to shift her studies and focus to cognitive psychology which she intuitively knew would enable her to assist the women and children she felt passionate for. Thus, she began her studies while practicing hypnosis and NLP outside of academia on a regular basis. 

    Doreen Ann has successfully worked with patients for over fifteen years for a variety of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, depression, performance blocks, behavior modification and enhancement, stress, anxiety, smoking cessation, test taking, concentration, phobias (such as fear of flying), road rage, anger management, IBS, PTSD, general wellness, pre and post-surgical, pre and post-dental pain control, natural childbirth, and many others. In business settings, she is regularly called upon by business owners, entrepreneurs and sales teams to boost salesperson production and significantly and consistently increase sales and revenue. 

    After opening a small private practice in the Hudson Valley, New York area she quickly assessed the needs of the community. She has currently positioned herself for a journey of growth and expansion through community outreach building Sustainable Net Zero Affordable Real Estate Communities around the world to provide homeownership opportunities for single moms. She is the Founder of Be Free & Live Abundantly, a NFP which provides resources for Women and Children affected by domestic violence and homelessness. She is the author of multiple audio books such as Breaking Brick Walls, Drink from a Golden Cup Stir with a Silver Spoon and One M ONE Y Ionic Currency. She is the creator of Financial Freedom Platforms that have shattered the “poverty code” as well as Alternative Holistic Healthcare Platforms that crush Dis-Ease. She continues to excel and expand her practice globally to assist those she finds passionate for.

    Cath Kane

    Cath Kane is a Consultant, Empowerment Specialist and Poet. At the core of her work is the notion of empowerment as the root to self-determination. Cath Kane’s work is infused with more than twenty five years of experience creating and advising on pioneering projects with sustainable Community Development outcomes on a global level. She has extensive experience working with purpose driven leaders to meet challenges in high-pressured environments. She is a qualified community education worker. Cath is passionate about formulating inclusive transformational learning experiences through meaningful connections. She finds her community based work is the ultimate benefit and foundation of cooperative cultures that enable autonomy and growth for people, projects and partnerships. Her coaching is empowering and informative incorporating cutting-edge concepts such as mindfulness and interchangeability.

    She believes that when we feel free, we experience confidence and energy for life. She also believes empowerment means we understand our deepest truth. When we speak our truth, we live our life on our own terms. As a published poet she recognises the value of expressing herself creatively.  

    We continually evolve as we transition through relationships and life experiences. Empowerment is revising the creative process that cultivates Deeper Self awareness and self belief.  At times we may reclaim parts of our lives that were once lost, forgotten or unresolved. Authentic empowerment fundamentally strengthens the relationship to self. As we enhance self-awareness, confidence and our identity, we inspire others. We are all connected through the Human Experience.” Cath Kane 


    Anna “Honeybee” Rose

    Honeybee is an Intuitive Spiritual Sound Technician and a certified Yoga Instructor.  She founded Elemental Serenity based on her passion for empowering humans to live in their most joyous expressions.  She empowers all genders to connect with nature’s elements and the internal elements that allow them to create peace from within.  Her favorite way to connect to spirit and to self is through sound healing and movement as medicine. She hosts international Movement and Wellness retreats around the world connecting people to their purpose and peace. 

    Honeybee calls herself a Sassy Fiery Soul Alignment guide. She creates fun and playful settings to allow you to find your inner child and joy!

    Be so completely yourself and watch how everyone else feels safe to be themselves as well.” Honeybee (Anna)


    Lily Grace Quirk

    With a background in dance, Lily Grace Quirk began practicing yoga in her early years to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a certified YogaWorks instructor since 2013, Lily strives to inspire every individual to find a movement practice that works for them. For the past 8 years, Lily has taught a variety of movement classes including vinyasa flow, aerial yoga, barre fusion, and aerial artistry. Lily’s classes embody a playful journey through the interweaving of the body. Additionally she also performs fire and aerial dancing! 

    All Inclusice 3 Night Retreat Pricing: $3495

    Choose to Pay in Full and receive VIP access to up and coming events, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Wonderful Women’s Workshops and BFD Global ‘s Women and Children’s Charity Fundraisers. 

    Multiple Payment Option Plan Available

    Payment plans must be paid in full by December 24, 2021. 

    Are you ready to Master your Mind to Master Your Life?

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    “Having a military background I had limited business experience. I struggled with not having a system for business growth and profitability. Prior to working with Doreen Ann honestly it was a crap shoot for me!. I literally had a consultation with her to identify where my challenges were and two strategy sessions later my business took off like hot cakes! The following three months my business net went through the roof ! I did over 250k in sales!  I recommended her to my professor at  Manhattan College to work with the students in the business program.She is a force to be reckoned with!”

    Jena P.

    Newburgh, New York

    “As a single mom in an abusive relationship at the end of my rope. I reached out to Doreen Ann, whom I met years prior through a mutual acquaintance. I didn’t have any money at the time, quite frankly I was rolling pennies for food and gas. She agreed to take me on as a client with a “growth and grind contract” which enabled me to hire her and pay her at a later date. She personally flew down to Florida from New York to work onsite with me. Within days I was in business. I was booked solid weeks out after only a week. I grew so fast I was hiring people to work with me the following month. Negotiating and closing $2000 dollar organizing jobs daily paid in cash upfront!  Her business “Growth and Grind Bootcamp” was hardcore mental shifting, sales attraction, negotiation and wealth manifestation techniques helped me gain control of my life and my financial independence.” 

    Tiana M.

    Naples, FL