Unleash Your Wild Woman Wonder Eco-Retreat




 Tune into the Elements, where the rainforest meets the ocean, Where your Soul meets your body. 

We invite you to join us in the luscious lands of Costa Rica for our 6 day retreat,

 September 27th to October 3rd 2021

at Danyasa Eco Retreat in Domincal, Costa Rica.



Unleash the woman you desire to be. Embody your elemental essence

This is a she/her event specializing in supporting women like you who seek to step into their truest self.  Awaken your intuition, be seen and be loved for who you are. 

Join us as we connect our bodies and breath through daily yoga classes, meditation and mindful movement practices. Throughout this experience you will cultivate a deep relationship with other sisters on a similar path as you. We will come together to banish the doubts and anxieties you have, so that you can step into your TRUTH.

You will leave these sacred lands feeling uplifted, supported and confident for your positive expansion. You will leave feeling inspired to share your unique gifts in this new Earth. 

Here SELF LOVE is our priority.

RELEASE what no longer serves you to UNLEASH your Wild Wonder. 

What is included with your retreat ticket!!!


Accommodations to 6 nights at Danyasa Eco Retreat Center

Enjoy the sounds of the jungle. You may wake up to the sound of monkeys or toucans nearby.


3 Vegan Meals per day from locally sourced produce

Edible Alchemy is happy to serve amazing superfoods for health. It is 90% sourced locally and made with love.


2 Movement Classes per day

Enjoy Yoga with KJ, Mindful Movement flows with Honeybee & manifestation workshops with Nycole.


Daily Meditations

Allow yourself to surrender to the present as we drop into our bodies. Awaken your intuition and clarity.


Access to Community Dance Studio

We will practice, aerial yoga, dance and meditation in this beautiful bamboo studio.


Poolside Fun

Relax by the poolside as you enjoy the sounds of the vibrant jungle.


An Adventure Day Eco Tour to Honor the wondrous lands of Costa Rica

Together we will take an eco adventure out around the jungle. On your free day you can choose your adventure with friends.


Government Fees/Taxes

Tier 2 Pricing

Early Bird Extended!!!! August 15th


Tier 3 Pricing 

Ticket sales ends September 5th


Fill out the contact form below

Space is Reserved!!! Simply fill out the contact form below, so we may send you all the juicy details. Once you submit your contact info, look out for the application by email!!

What is NOT included with your retreat ticket

These items listed below are not included in your ticket price. It is your responsibility to obtain the following:

  • Airfare
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Extra Excursions (you will have free time to surf, waterfall or any other eco tour you would like to do!)
  • Reiki Healing with Nycole (Opportunity to pick a time that works for you during the retreat if you would like to recieve Reiki)
  • Health Pass to enter into Costa Rica (Free)
  • Passport

Danyasa Eco-retreat

Is ready to welcome you!!

Danyasa Eco-Retreat is located in Domincal, Costa Rica on the bank of the Baru River, where the adventure of yoga and surf meets relaxation.  We will be practicing yoga, dance and meditation in their beautiful Bamboo Yoga Play studio.  You will also have access to the poolside fun =)  Danyasa is also unique in that they offer eco chic room experience made from recycled containers. This place embodies living artfully in nature. We are so excited for you to witness its magic.

Feel free to explore their website and offerings.


Dominical, Costa Rica

Join us as we spend 6 nights in the lush beauty of Domincal, Costa Rica

PURA VIDA!!! You will hear this a lot while traveling around. This is a term used frequently in Costa Rica. It literally translates to “Pure Life.” The term is used by locals as a hello, thank you, good bye, or simply just to acknowledge the simple life in gratitude, “Pura Vida.” 

Costa Rica also literally translates to “Rich Coast.” This country is flourishing with coasts where the land graces the sea. It is rich in culture, animals and plants.  The quaint beach town of Dominical lies on the northern border of the Osa Peninsula, considered the most biodiverse place on Earth by the National Geographic Society and the United Nations. Dominical and the surrounding areas boast world class surf, lush jungle covered mountains that soar from the sea!! There is an abundance of exciting adventure opportunities and spectacular natural attractions ranging from waterfalls to sea caves to hidden beaches and more!

Edible Alchemy

Meal plans and offerings from the jungle

As part of our retreat offering, we wanted to support a retreat center that promotes food as medicine.  We believe high frequency foods that come from locally grown, permaculture methods of agriculture align with our visions of the New Earth.   Food with intention will bless our bodies with energy and healing. For this retreat Edible Alchemy is offering 3 vegan, gluten-free, locally sourced meals per day, along with healthy snacks throughout. Come share in the beautiful bountiful flavors of Costa Rica with us!!

Would you like to join us in the jungle?

We welcome all woman seeking to Unleash their Wild Woman Wonder

Click here to submit your inquiry. After you submit your information we will send you an email with an application and payment details to officially reserve your space at the retreat!!!

Meet your Teachers

Anna "HoneyBee" Rose


Hola mis amigas!!!

I go by Honeybee. I will be your meditation and mindful movement teacher for the retreat!! I am the Founder of Elemental Serenity and I am over the moon excited to be facilitating, “Unleash Your Wild Woman Wonder,” in the jungles of the ever abundant lands of Costa Rica.  I have been going to Costa Rica every year with the intentions to honor the land to connect to my spirit and wild. The idea of Elemental Serenity was conceived in these jungles as I watched the fire spinners and surfers be completely in THEIR ELEMENTS.  Elemental Serenity is a state of flow, a mental and physical space where you find peace doing what your heart calls. My intention with this retreat is to connect to other women seeking support in their lives to release anxiety, fear or doubts. My offerings include meditation, mindset shifts, playful mindful movement & my love. Here you can let go of what no longer serves you to unleash a whole new mindset of confidence and certainty to follow your Wild Woman Wonder. I am honored to be your guide.

Pura Vida!!!



It’s been a dream of mine to host a retreat in Costa Rica for women of all ages to come together and empower, support and encourage each other. I have a heart for women. I grew up not liking myself. I had a ton of self destructive behaviors. I struggled with fitting in. I didn’t have a direction. When I had children I thought I wanted to be a stay at home mama. My calling was different and I’ve been called to help women to step into their power and discover their true calling. I was given 3 daughters which has grown me in ways I could never have imagined. My shortcomings and imperfections at times have been highlighted through motherhood, but it’s also given me compassion and grace for myself and others. Women don’t have it easy. Whether you choose a path of business, motherhood, partnership, divorce, single hood, we’ve got to be able to trust our intuition, our inner knowing, that what we’re doing is best for us. We have to learn how to care and love ourselves in order to care and love others. This retreat is an opportunity to unleash yourself from old ways and stories and wonder about the possibilities for yourself and your life. We will ask you to be open and curious to growth and transformation. Many times this work is uncomfortable and will crack you wide open. I choose to live my life in this way. We can be uncomfortable in stagnation and a monotonous lifestyle or we can choose to step out in faith and surrender the grip we have on what we think our life should look like and allow ourselves to dream big. But here’s the thing! I don’t just dream, I do! And I want to help you DO along with Honeybee and Nycole!  Are you ready to step into your Wild Woman Wonder and Unleash your possibilities? I am over the moon to create this time and cultivate this community with you! Thank you for trusting me to be one of your guides in Costa Rica! You are in for the adventure of a lifetime! In your corner KJ 

Nycole Robbins


Hi beautiful souls, 

I’m Nycole, a sage of universal truth that knows no bounds. I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and I curate spiritual retreats that connect women back to their true essence of self and ancestral roots. I assist in guiding women back to their divine feminine through body movement and self love rituals so they can show up and do what they do best, SHINE. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in the physical realm!

Sending you all love & light always! 

We welcome all who vow to take care of themselves, to share in  abundance, acceptance and community.

Elemental Serenity’s Response to COVID

We aspire to create meaningful, healthy and empowering events so that you may ripple your health and happiness into the world.

We understand that it is a very difficult time for many around the world. As we all navigate through this pandemic we are aware that concerns may arise. If you do not feel comfortable traveling during this time, we ask that you consider Elemental Serenity for your future events. However if you feel called to join the community and the opportunity to connect to your body, breath, movement and personal healing then  welcome you to, “Unleash Your Wild Woman Wonder!!!”

We feel called to come together as a collective as we desire to live in our happiest and healthiest lives free from fear. While there are illnesses to be very cautious of, Elemental Serenity strives to empower your body’s natural healing abilities and immunities to repel dis-ease in the body through intentional healing, plant based remedies and movement as medicine.

 We also believe food is medicine. The foods we will be blessed to consume during this retreat are sourced locally made from the lush healing rainforest. Superfoods are an amazing way to keep your body healthy, glowing with vibrant lifesource. We are excited to share these amazing offerings with you.

At Elemental Serenity we believe it is every human’s right to medical freedoms. We will never ask you to prove vaccination. We do ask for you to be conscious of your health before traveling across country borders and be sure to follow all the guidelines below to avoid any hiccups at the airport!!

  • Social Distance 
  • Wear a mask in public places
  • Be aware of your health
  • Get Medical Travelers Insurance before Traveling to Costa Rica
  • Fill out the HEALTH PASS a few days before arriving
  • Drink lots of water
  • Stay positive & smile a lot!!! (It’s good for the SOUL)

With that said all of our events are created with the intention to facilitate a space where you feel called to heal your mind, body and connection to spirit. We intentionally choose spaces that honor the sacred lands, who respect local residents and employ locals to empower the community. 

COVID-19 Protocols for Costa Rica

Safety Guidelines to know before traveling

As we all know the pandemic is still active. In order for all participants of our event we would love for you to educate yourself so that you may feel empowered about your traveling decisions.

Please read these guidelines for traveling to Costa Rica

It is mandatory that tourists purchase travel insurance, covering their accommodations in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19 illness. Below are a list of acceptable insurances.

INS: https://micrositios.ins-cr.com/seguroviajero/

Sagicor: https://tiendasagicor.com/en/

BlueCross BlueShield: https://www.bluecrossblueshieldcr.com/rod  

International Insurance Policy Checklist
The insurance policy may be obtained from any international insurance company that meets the following requirements:
  1. Valid for the entire stay in Costa Rica (coverage dates).
  2. 50,000 USD for medical expenses, including those from COVID-19.
  3. 2,000 USD for lodging expenses in the event of COVID-19 quarantine.
  4. A return flight ticket is needed when entering Costa Rica. The immigration officer will ask for it upon your arrival. It is advisable to make a photocopy or take a picture of your passport with the entry stamp to carry at all times during your stay.

An explanation of one’s travel insurance coverage, addressing Costa Rica’s requirements, must be uploaded or entered into the HEALTH PASS in order to be reviewed and approved by the Costa Rican authorities. If these requirements are not met, the passenger will not be able to enter the country. Complete this HEALTH PASS a few days before entering the country.